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Dear Reader!

We hope you enjoy using this website. This disclaimer will inform you about our terms and conditions.

1.)   Who may use this website?
Anybody who wishes to use this website (following abbreviated as LGT) may do so, however, this refers to personal, private, non commercial use. Typically persons who want to learn German, to improve their language skills or who have for any reason an interset in the German languageare invited to use LGT.

2.)   May teachers use LGT?
Teachers are invited to use LGT as is everybody else. If they use is website or material hereof for their teaching, they may do so under the condition, that on all occasions of use they inform their students that they are using LGT-material. They may print and/or photocopy LGT-material for the benefit of their students, provided that they keep the copyright signs and that they make transparent to their students that LGT is the origin of their material.

3.)   May commercial language schools use LGT?
Commercial schools shall contact LGT before they use LGT. We will then discuss the terms and conditions for them.

4.)   Is the use of LGT free?
As long as it is for personal, private use anything that you find on this website can be used for free with the only exception of 'My course'. Taking exams of the course shown under this button requires to pay a fee, details of which are outlined below (5).
'Using LGT for free' does of course refer to LGT itself. Should you follow a link and visit third party websites, we are not responsible for whatever obligations may result of your use of those sites.

5.)   'My course', Fees to pay
Under 'My course' we have developed a concise course to learn German. Using this course requires a registration. The registration itself is free and does not cause you any obligations or costs, however, if you continously use the course and take the exams to preceed from one level to the next, you are required to pay exam fees per level. At the present this fee is 30 euro per level.
If you follow the course without taking the exams, then there is nothing to pay. You may register and start using the lessons for free. This would not oblige to make any payments. As soon as you take level exams you would need to make payment.

6.)   Donations
If you feel the urge to support our work by a donation, don't suppress it. Follow the call! We invest a lot of work in this site and are grateful for your support. Thank you very much!       


7.)   Corrrectness of our material
We aim to provide you with high quality, faultless and useful material. We double-check new material several time before publication and we are convinced that there are hardly any mistakes to be found. However, nobody is perfect and neither are we, therefore: Should you spot a mistake, please be so kind to let us know. Thank you very much!

8.)   Copyright
All material, unless stated otherwise, is written by us. Therefore the copyright for all content here lies with LGT.

9.)   Responsibilty
LGT is responsible for the here published content. However, we are, of course, not taking any responsibilty for the content of other websites, even when we link to them and/or recommend them. The content and the opinions found on other websites are outside our control. Opinions stated on other websites are not our opions and they may or may not coincide with our opinions.

10.)   Is it necessary to register on LGT in order to use it?
The learner may or may not register with us. We do recommend it it, but a unregistered user does not experience any drawbacks. A registration is however needed to use the exercises under 'My course'. In this case only fees are payable as outlined above (5)

11.)   What are my obligations as a registered user?
None. Registration is free and straightforward. Neither does it require any fees do be paid nor does it produce any other obligations for the user. While the registration is free ,fees are to be paid if and only if the user continously uses 'My course'. Details see (5) please.
If you find the use of LGT beneficial for you, please do not hesitate to recommend LGT to other persons.

12.)   Can I link to LGT on my website?
If you are running a personal website or if you represent a governmental body, a school, university or other educational institution or a business wishing to implement a link to LGT on your website, please get in touch with us to discuss. Usually we do happily acccept these links.

13.)   What happens to my data after registration?
We store the data you give to us on registration and we assume that they are correct. Data transfer is running over a secure connection, data storage is on our server, hosted by the company 1&1. The data kept by us are not passed on to anybody, neither for commercial or noncommercial use nor to governmental institutions nor to any persons or companies whatsoever.

14.)   Use of cookies.
Yes, we are using cookies. Their are needed for the functionality of our tests, without them the user experience would be less user friendly when doing exercises on LGT. By entering LGT you are agreeing to our use of cookies. You may, of course, not accept their use, but in this case you would be unable to use the site - we are not providing a cookie-free version.

15.)   I have further questions or ideas.
If you have a question or suggestion, please get in touch and we are happy to assist. Also, if you have suggestions or inspirational ideas , we will be delighted to hear from you.

Thank you very much!



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